Who Are We?

Yacht Charter Solent is a completely free resource that provides advice and expertise on chartering from our hugely experienced team. The site has been put together by a group of veteran corporate clients in the London Square mile whose own experience endlessly trawling the internet showed them how useful a 'one stop shop' with all the main Solent based charter companies on it would be. The site is particularly useful to those wishing to put together a corporate ‘team Build’ and the team has experience of putting together corporate packages for big hitters such as Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan and M&G Investments to name a few. The site has also proven to be of great use to private charterers and has no agenda other than to provide a comprehensive and up to date resource listing quality charter operations in the Solent. Whether it’s team builds, corporate client entertainment, close match racing or a relaxed day in the Solent compare yachts and services through our website. Yacht Charter Solent is now a well supported resource for the yacht charter industry.

“There is a misconception that the corporate market has cut the yacht charter industry loose, let me tell you that we are back with 2013 having been a bumper year for away day events with many managers understanding there importance especially in the wake of job cuts and salary freezes we find our sailing events are looked forward to all year. There is no better way to foster comradery than sailing and it’s a great leveller of organisational hierarchy. 2014 is hot for yacht charter events and we are here to support the market”

Sheamus McIntyre, FMA Manager - Credit Suisse Investment Services

With 'Yacht Charter Solent’ being the highest searched keyword phrase for the industry in the United Kingdom the site continues to be utilised by the corporate and private sailors alike.

We welcome your suggestions for improving the website and promoting sailing in the Solent.